While we do enjoy digital “on-demand” programs, series, and specials, we still watch a lot of “traditional” or “linear” television. In addition to “longer form” products, we also produce “traditional” 30 or 60 second commercial spots seen on local broadcast and cable networks.

We’ve produced and delivered commercial products that have aired on broadcast networks including ABC and NBC, and many national cable networks as well!

But the best part is that these same 30 or 60 second spots can and do get shown on digital platforms too!


What is a “commercial”?

It’s a “traditional” tv commercial, usually 30 or 60 seconds long, built for broadcast tv.

“Brevity is wit.”  Let’s condense the powerful message of a “mini doc” into a bite-sized commercial.

We get continually bombarded with TV commercials, each looking exactly like the other.   What makes your company different?   We excel in getting traditional messages out in non-traditional ways. 

Great commercials with creative messaging stick in your mind, and have a staying power that extend long past those 30 or 60 seconds. 

We’re not just camera people and editors.   We’re producers and creatives, and we take the time to learn about your business, your needs and goals.

Let’s build the perfect package!

A typical package includes:

Up to a 1 minute finished video highlighting your work

Shot in 4K Ultra High Definition Resolution and delivered to the HD specification of broadcast and commercial advertising houses

Training & collaboration on effective video messaging and marketing

Complete Project Management

Basic graphics and titles

Music Library

Use of teleprompter with script assistance

1 Cinematographer for 8 hours, lighting and audio

1 Round of Edits and Updates