Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get and download my videos?

The final versions will be sent to you be a direct download link of a video file.   We recommend, after watching and enjoying, that you copy the videos to some offline source such as a flash drive or hard drive, and store it in the same place you keep all your important memories!

What is “Raw Footage”?

Raw footage is all the video that was shot from the camera during the event, without any edits or processing done to it.  It is in a special format called “Blackmagic Raw,” which enables film-style editing and grading to be done on the video.  Because it has not been processed, it may look a little “muddy.”  This is normal! Think of them almost like digital film negatives.

The Raw footage will be delivered through a download link, as well as a link to a player program which will let you view the raw clips (you need a fairly recent, well equipped computer to see the files).

Do I own the rights to the footage?

You own the rights to any completed footage (as in an edited program). Any other elements such as music and graphics are offered on a “royalty free” basis, meaning we don’t have to pay extra to use them inside our productions, so they’re a part of the completed project.

We reserve the right to use elements of your completed project for Identity Digital’s promotional purposes such as social media sharing or the production of product reels  (We’re proud of our work, and we know you will be too!).   You will need to purchase a copy of any “Raw Footage” for a fee (for the media management processing time and rights transfer required) if you want to transfer rights to use it.