Editing Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing when you’re editing our project?

Once the shoot day or days have completed, we take all the footage, make an archival digital backup, and then start going through all the shots.   We take a look at everything, whether it was shot with one camera or multiple cameras.   Armed with the questionnaire or our production strategy, we begin assembling a sequence of the events in order, while finding the best shots and angles.     We then take the footage through a process called “grading,” which is a coloring and enhancement processed used feature film over.

You will then receive a “Preview Link” on a streaming service that allows you to view the footage and take notes – either on a general basis or place a marker with comment at a specific point in the video.

A great thing about “Live” is that when the event is over, we’re done!  Any “editing” was done through the incorporation of camera switching, music, or graphics as the event is taking place.    “Highlight Reels” after the event can be produced at a nominal hourly rate, using the final broadcasted elements.

Can I request any changes after the video is sent?

Video Business Card:  To offer a generous rate, we do not include any complimentary rounds of edits.   We’re very focused on the style we’ve learned from you, and have worked with you directly on scripting, so we really think you’ll love it!

Most Other “Non-Live” Products:  The video includes 1 round of complimentary edits.  In the edit sessions, we could find a different angle, add another shot of something important, or adding a significant event at a different point in the sequence.    Edits that are along the scope of “complete re-edits” are available and billed at a nominal hourly rate.     We all want a great presentation!

How do you choose music for our video?

We want and need your input!   We ask about your music likes and dislikes in our questionnaire or in our discussions, and also welcome recommendations on specific songs you like.   Depending on the legal use of those songs, we can either use them directly in the video or find something similar which matches the tone and style.   We have a large library of songs to pick from!