At the Event or Shoot Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if our cinematographer becomes unavailable the day of the event or shoot?

Stuff happens! We have a group of fantastic cinematographers that we work with on a regular basis.   Leave it to us!

How do you with an event photographer to stay out of each other’s way?

Both cinematographers and photographers are creative journalists, and understand what it takes to get complete coverage of an event.  Once the Photographer (we work frequently with Elise Margolin Photography, hint hint) captures his or her shots, we come in and get ours.   It is in both the interest of the cinematographer and the photographer to get the coverage that is needed, so communication, trust, and professional courtesies are key!

Do you record audio for the ceremony and the speeches?

Yes!  We do our best to make our audio coverage as wireless as possible.   We have small high-powered wireless microphones, attached to a lapel, which go to our directly to our cameras.   Depending on the venue and the type of ceremony, we also have long-distance directional mikes and sometimes tap directly into a DJ’s system to get a very clean, direct audio. 

Can you add slow motion footage to our video?

Of course!   But as with any special effect, it’s used at special occasions.  We are not always shooting at a frame rate that produces quality slow motions, but we do kick it into high gear when there is the opportunity to capture something magical.

How do you approach covering these events creatively and critically?

We do our best to be an interested observer, knowing the wants and needs of our client through the questionnaire.   We do our best to stay out of the way.  Sometimes, however, the guests welcome a camera and microphone in their face!   Who knew?

Do you shoot in 4K, Ultra HD or HD?

Our live streams are produced in HD (we can do a 2 camera 4K live if you’re really bleeding-edge adventurous!). Our “Video Business Cards” and “Commercial Spots” are produced in HD, and our “Mini Docs” and more longer form products are shot and delivered in Ultra High Definition (UHD 3840×2160), which is 4 times the resolution of HD, High Definition, the size that you’re probably watching on your Flat Screen TV.  (If this was on an old tube TV, our shooting would be somewhere around 24 times the resolution!)

And, we can actually shoot at higher resolutions, too.