General Frequently Asked Questions


About Identity Digital

We have over 30 years of experience in producing broadcasts and videos.   Our Founder and Creative Director Evangeline Knell started in video with 3/4″ U-Matic systems and Commodore Amiga graphics in 1989 and has since earned a Shorty Award and 3 Prime Time Creative Arts Emmy nominiations for her work in pioneering interactive television production.  You can find Evie on instagram at @eviemeanslife and the company’s on there too at @identitydigitalinc.

Does Identity Digital carry insurance?

We carry complete insurance, amounting to $2 million in general aggregate insurance as part of a General Liability and Professional liablity policies.

Who do you work best with?  Who are your ideal clients?

We love working with individuals, groups, and organizations who prefer something different from the ordinary, and realize the power of video to capture, share, and encapsule engaging stories.

Can I publish the video on social media?

Of course!   You own the rights to the completed project, and you can also purchase the rights to all the “cutting room floor” footage as well for repurposing or “behind the scenes” compositions.   Hopefully you’ll mention us on Instagram or Facebook @identitydigitalinc!

How do you work with your clients?

We understand that your event or project is extremely important, and we vow to give it the attention it needs and deserves.  Whether for business or personal, right after you contact us, you receive personal attention from a single Project Manager who works directly with you or your organization to assess your needs, craft a package that fits, and schedules all necessary meetings and shoots.  

We consider our clients partners, and we strive to develop an important relationship with them throughout the process.

We do not produce “cookie cutter” video.  We pride ourselves on delivering projects that express our clients’ individuality, whether it’s quirky, straightforward, old-fashioned, or incorporates the styles and look of today.

Do you shoot slow-motion footage?

We can, and its use depends on the moment that we’re trying to capture.   Just like a recent model smart phone, you’re actually shooting -more- frames in a second of video, then playing those more frames at at normal speed.   

Do you use voiceovers?

Voiceovers are used to narrate a story directly from a specific point of view.   Sometimes scripts are recorded specifically to deliver a message, or voices from people in the video are used over music to help get a message across.    

Will our film be online for the public?

Yes, but only after it has received your complete approval.  We’re proud to work with you and capture your memories, and we’re just as proud to share them with the world. 

What is an “Aircheck Recording”?

This is an “as it happens” recording of a live stream or broadcast.  Depending on the arrangements and requirements, this can be made available immediately for your guests, clients, or prospects, or placed on a server for later download.