Our Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing?

For events and important occasions, we understand (and love) that every event is unique, so we provide many ways to customize our packages to meet your needs.   It’s important to us that you don’t get just want you want, and not get anything you don’t.

For businesses, we -really- understand the importance of ROIs – Return on Investment, and KPIs – Key Performance Indicators.  We’re a small business ourselves!   When we craft our commercials and commercial campaigns, we always have an eye on both.   Each client defines “success” differently, and we want to make sure we’re laser focused on meeting those needs.

Do you interview people?

Sometimes that’s the best way to tell the story!   We love capturing candid moments of couples and families.  Hearing the story in someone’s own voice adds a degree of authenticity that helps to express the moment we’re capturing.

In businesses, prospects who can see that there really is a human being behind the company tend to identify with a company better.

Who will be my cinematographer?

You’ll know and work with our cinematographer or director even before the day of the event or shoot.   It’s important to have a relationship with our clients, and we understand that.

What is a main project?

This is our video “deliverable,” usually with a specific length, edited creatively with music and voiceover.   The job of our editors is to make sure we capture the vision you want!

For businesses and campaigns, this could include just a video production, or a comprehensive campaign which includes video, photos, and social media marketing strategies including ad maintenance.

Why would you need more than one cinematographer?

This is entirely project based.  For businesses, our “Video Business Card,” “Mini Doc,” and “Commercial Spot” products are done with a single cinematographer, which is enough to capture all elements for an effective video presentation.

How many shooting hours would I need for my event?

It varies depending on the event.  Our “Video Business Cards” are shot over the course of a few hours.  Longer form projects like the “Mini Doc” and “Commercial Spots” involve sometimes a day or a few days.

For live streams, we like to have at least an hour to set up the cameras, fire up the computers, and get the networking done.

How long should the completed project be?

The length of the final project is determined by the package.  Live streams are the length of the live broadcast, the amount of time we’re actually streaming to a public site or private site.

For commercial campaigns, we work directly with the client to meet the objectives of the project.  For example, a TV commercial needs to be 30 or 60 seconds.   For social campaigns, we produce videos with lengths designed to get maximum eyeballs on the project. 

Can you do a “Pay-Per-View” type of live event?

Yes!  We can stream to a service that handles virtual ticket purchasing, which could be a valuable opportunity to offset the cost of a particular production.  We also offer unique pricing models for these types of events, including a flat fee or a straight revenue share plus server/streaming expenses paid to an outside party.

How do you work with music?

We can use any piece of music that we have legal access to.   We respect all copyright law, which means we cannot use the latest hit and place it in the video.   We do have access to thousands of songs in several music libraries which can most likely capture a mood or style you’re trying to create. 

If you “just have to have” a specific song, we can try to negotiate with the rights holders to use the song, which usually requires paying the artist (not us!) a separate licensing fee.