Technology has advanced so much that it’s now possible to produce TV Station-quality sports as an engaging, entertaining live stream on your own website or your favorite social media platform!

Contact us if you are authorized to do “no fans” games.  Let’s bring the game to the fans at home!


we bring the excitement of the local sports game home to a wider, worldwide audience!

We can handle a wide range of local sports.  We use a combination of wired and wireless cameras, either hand-held, on a tripod, or robotically controlled, to get viewers close to the action.   We work directly with your organization to produce an entertaining program, and can even have your own announcers call the game!   We have experienced with national broadcast sports networks and use broadcast equipment just like the big folks, and even are capable of doing remote interviews, network quality graphics with scoreboards and stats, and even multi-camera instant replay!  Let’s discuss a custom package to bring the action to a new audience!

A typical game package includes:

A live stream of the game (plus 1-2 hour setup and a countdown timer)

Stream to 1 destination in a high frame rate format

We provide our own redundant Internet connections in addition to the in-venue internet

2 Client provided play-by-play announcers with on-air feed

Pre-Game and Post-Game Shows including on-field interviews and commentary

Multi-camera instant replay with operator

One Director

Network quality graphics and scoreboards with operator – link to venue scoreboard controllers

Multiple Remotely controlled and handheld cameras